Le Nopal

Le Nopal embraces you in its arms like a staccato-stepping, tango-dancing lover, whispering in your ears. Inspired by the prickly pear cactus and the Hispanic diaspora past and present: longing Bolero love songs, tacos nopal, mezcal, vaquero cowboy culture and the California lowriding car scene are all invoked in its design. Why not take Le Nopal home with you? Le Nopal was designed for Punch, La Jolla by Georgis & Mirgorodsky.

Fabric also COM.

Cactus Flowers are available in the following metal finishes: polished bronze, satin bronze, medium antique bronze, dark antique bronze, nickel-plated bronze, and black nickel-plated bronze.

Medium: Steel frame, Bronze with Lacquered Finish, Upholstered in Chenille Velvet

Dimensions: Height: 32.5 – Width: 24.75 – Depth: 33.5 inches
Seat Height: 16 – Depth: 21

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